GEA-FM RT System

100%Ontario Made! All Racking is built and manufactured in London Ontario using locally purchased raw materials.

Features and Benefits

• Easy install, limited parts for on the job assembly
• Aluminum strut and stainless steel hardware for durability and longevity
• Design flexibility with grid adaptability during install
• Grid standoff distribution optimized throughout array
• Racking standoff is customized and designed to enhance air circulation to reduce heat degradation of modules.
• Pre-assembled in shop and ready for install upon shipment to site
• Low profile to resist winds

The GEA-FM RT System was developed over several years of field performance testing and engineering improvement, as well as shop testing and improvements.

The GEA-FM RT System is designed to allow the solar modules to perform at their optimum with tilts depending on the roof pitch. The ability to adjust the height or standoff of the flush mount system allows the designer to enhance air circulation beneath the solar array in order to reduce heat degradation of the solar modules, improving production efficiency.

The GEA FM RT System can accommodate a variety of panel dimensions and row configurations. The components are designed to provide enough flexibility to adjust to the desired panel dimension and for a variety of sloped roof configurations.

German Energy Alternatives Systems are designed to meet the most stringent engineering design standards.



Racking Material | Extruded Aluminum Frame Material – Structural Grade; 6061-T6 (310MPa)

Standoff | Aluminum with stainless Steel lag screws or bolts depending on truss attachment or metal decking

Panel Attachment | Extruded Aluminum Frame Material – Structural Grade; 6061-T6 (310MPa), Hardware – Stainless Steel, Nuts, Bolts, Spring nuts, and washers

Panels per Rack pair | Multiple, landscape orientation, depending on roof pitch and span

Standing seam metal clips | S-5 clips attachments can be used for rail standoffs where applicable.

Weight (with panel and ballast)  |  2.5 to 3.5 psf

Warranty | 10 years limited

Design Applications | Designed for pitched Commercial Rooftop Space, penetrating and non-penetrating solutions for PV solar arrays on low slope or steeply pitched rooftops