GEA-Carport System

Features and Benefits

  • Easy install, limited parts for on the job assembly

  • Design flexibility with grid adaptability during install

  • Elevated design enhances the ability of the panels to shed snow, resulting in improved winter time yield performance and reduced snow days for production optimization

  • Racking is designed to accommodate Bifacial solar modules for reduced back of panel obstruction, enhancing secondary energy production.


The GEA-CARPORT racking system is the culmination of many years of field performance testing and engineering improvement. It is designed with the Ontario Climate and building industry conditions in mind. Our principals represent several generations living in Ontario and fully understand the expected climate conditions.

The GEA-CARPORT racking system allows the solar modules to perform at their optimum with tilts ranging from a minimum of 7 degrees to as high as 15 degrees. This enables the system owner to balance the annual production potential of the array with the desired power density given area available for the system, while achieving esthetic goals of the property owner. The GEA-CARPORT racking system can accommodate a variety of panel dimensions and row configurations. The components are designed to provide enough flexibility to adjust to the desired panel dimension. German Energy Alternatives systems are designed to meet the most stringent engineering design standards.

CaGEA Flat RT image 1.png
carport 3.png
carport 4.png


Carport Structure | Structural Powder Coated Steel HSS

Racking Material Extruded | Extruded Aluminum Frame Material – Structural Grade; 6061- T6 (310MPa)

Footing |  Reinforced Concrete

Panel Attachment | Extruded Aluminum (Bifacial Rail) Frame Material – Structural Grade; 6061-T6 (310MPa), Hardware – Stainless Steel, Nuts, Bolts, Spring nuts, and washers combined with manufacturer hardware

Tilt Options | > 7 Degrees

Height | +3 meters

Warranty | 10 years limited

Design Applications | Designed for Commercial Parking areas and/or structures